Hammer a plate of copper,
and raise it.

Tsuiki copperware

Tsuiki copperware is created by shaping vessels through the hammering and beating of a single sheet of copper.
The technique to cause metal to stretch or shrink by utilizing various kinds of tools is called "Tsuiki" (metal hammering).
The traditional technique has a history of over 200 years in Tsubame, Niigata.
It is Yasutaka Oohashi that inherits the history and tradition.
Watching and learning from his father, who is a skilled Tsuiki copperware craftsman, Yasutaka adheres to the traditional production method where all the processes are implemented by hand.
By doing so, the history and culture running in the vessels unite with his aesthetic sense, which makes the copperware he creates one of a kind.
The vessels last for a lifetime. The more you used them, the deeper their color and luster become.
They will grow and live with you as indispensable tools through your life.

Hammer a plate of copper, and raise it.
One by one, with my own hands, I make each piece of vessel wholeheartedly.
What I cherish is not only keeping the traditional techniques, but putting heart into the work.
I'd be glad if you could feel the touch of the vessel with your own hands.
The history engraved onto a sheet of copper will go on in your hands.
It is my sincerest hope that you could feel the fascinations of hand-crafted tools.

Tsuiki copperware craftsman
Yasutaka Oohashi

Tsuiki copperware craftsman YASUTAKA-OOHASHI

Yasutaka Oohashi was born on July 17th, 1975. He started dreaming to follow in the footsteps of his father, Masaaki Oohashi, when he was a child.
He became independent after 10 years of apprenticeship. Since entering his own creation in 2007, he has given birth to many fine works for practical use. He holds workshops to convey his techniques, which have lately gained a lot of popularity.
His gentlemanly demeanor and charming personality attract many fans. The bonds between the creator and the fans have enhanced the value of his works and made them truly one of a kind.